15 timesaving tips for Firefox power users

15 timesaving tips for Firefox power users

15 timesaving tips for Firefox power users

This assortment of tips can assist you to work a lot of expeditiously in Firefox, from facultative anti-tracking options to interference crypto jacking to victimization the view experiment.

From the tips:

The later releases of Firefox have loads of very handy, however somewhat hidden, features. One such feature permits you to go looking for a string of text on an online page just by writing. In alternative words, you not got to hit the Control-F key combination. though which will not sound sort of a vast timesaver, if you discover yourself perpetually looking through websites throughout your busy day, operation seconds per page will add up. Besides, skipping that key combination might be a true boon to those that aren’t quite as adept on a keyboard.

However, this new feature isn’t enabled by default, and it doesn’t work on pages that need input (so if you’re writing on Google Docs, you continue to have to be compelled to use Control-F.) however on non-input pages, all you would like to try and do is begin writing.

Let’s alter the feature and see however it works.

To alter the feature, click on the Menu button within the upper-right corner of the Firefox window and click on Preferences. within the Preferences window, scroll all the way down to the Browsing section then click to alter the explore for Text after you begin writing feature. That’s all there’s to that.

Just shut out the Preferences window and visit an internet site. Once the page hundreds, begin writing a look string and Firefox can notice the primary instance of the string. If it’s not what you’re searching for, hit the backspacer till you delete the string and kind another. If the string lands on a link, hit the Enter key to open the link.

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