All-New Login Screen Experience is Coming to Chromebooks

Refreshed versions of the regular sign-in page, lock screen and pin unlock screen are currently available in the latest Chrome Canary channel release for early adopters to play with.

Google’s Francois Beaufort spotlighted the changes on his Google+ page, adding that the redesigned screens ‘screens look gorgeous’ in both landscape and portrait mode via

The ‘user pod’ loses its carded look for a rounded avatar with subtle password input. As a single-user sign in page it looks much better than the current design, which is designed heavily around there being more than one user login on each machine.

Another noticeable change is a darker gradient overlay on the selected users’ background image.

Refreshed screens for easy unlock, pin unlock, and fingerprint unlock are also planned.

While there’s no current word on when users of the regular stable version of ChromeOS can expect to be greeted by the Material Design inspired greeters it shouldn’t be too long before these changes roll out to users on the dev and beta channels.

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